Review: Ruckus

Title: Ruckus

Series: Sinners of Saint #2

Author: L.J. Shen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 26, 2017


“She was the comforting candle. You were the dazzling sun.” ~Dean

I have been in Love with L.J. Shen’s Sinners of Saint series since I read Vicious last year.  This series has stunned me, captivated me, enraptured me and held my heart hostage!  Honestly, my obsession with these four “HotHoles” has only intensified over the course of time and I have been IMpatiently waiting to read Dean’s story for months.

The first two books in the series set my heart on fire but Ruckus is the delectable icing on top of an already delicious piece of cake! I devoured every single morsel in one sitting because I could not put this page turner down!

I admit to being a little hesitant to dive headfirst into this book, after reading the blurb but I am so glad that I threw caution to the wind and gave Ruckus a chance.  Rosie and Dean’s love story is so much more than what the synopsis entails; it is about the power of a love that does not diminish over time and the sacrifices that one makes in the name of a beloved one’s pursuit of  happiness.

L.J. Shen does a tremendous job highlighting the powerful, undeniable connection between Dean and Rosie regardless of the circumstances surrounding their initial meeting. As the story progressed I found myself rooting for this couple so flipping HARD because it was obvious that another couple in the novel were forging their own journey toward love at the same time that Rosie and Dean were forced to deny the fact that they were destined for each other.

“I was helpless. Careless. Ruined. And not by the sister I was expected to love.”~Dean

“Dangerous chemistry. Our bodies were attuned in a way that souls are. Faultlessly.” ~Rosie

“We were a unit. We always were, even when we dated other people.” ~Dean

“That was how I felt at that moment. Chained. The way he looked at me, like I was the center of the world, bothered me. Flattered me. Possessed me.” ~Rosie

The author’s application of the biblical story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel to the events that occur in Ruckus is a stroke of pure brilliance that had me pondering this love story long after I finished it. I am trying to keep this review as spoiler free as possible, so I can not take it any further but I wish I could say much more.

Ruckus has a layer of dark, rich decadence that is incredibly alluring; I was hypnotized by these characters and their flaws and drawn to them as I fell under their spell.  Dean “Ruckus” Cole may be my favorite “sinner” from the entire series and that says a lot because I did not think anyone could usurp Vicious from the top spot in my heart.  And I admit to falling in love with Rosie’s character; her love for her family, incredible strength, fierce heart and smart mouth made her Dean’s perfect match.  It was a joy to witness this couple come together as one while overcoming obstacles along the way.

I encourage everyone to withhold any initial preconceived notions about this book.  L.J. Shen has managed to take a subject matter that some may find taboo and turn into something deep, meaningful and pure.

I LOVED it!!  And that is this Naughty Girl’s final word!

Overall:  5/5 bright, shining stars that created a “ruckus” in my heart!

“This series is one of the best I’ve read all year!” – Angie, Angie’s Dreamy Reads

“LJ Shen delivers and then some. I am loving this series.” – Kylie Scott New York Times Bestseller

“It’s unpredictable, raw, emotional, and edgy- pure chaos contained in a beautiful package.” – TJ Loves Books

“LJ Shen just wrote her best love story ever!” – DD’s Boom Room


They say that life is a beautiful lie and death a painful truth. They’re right.

No one has ever made me feel more alive than the guy who serves as a constant reminder that my clock is ticking.

He is my forbidden, shiny apple.

The striking fallacy to my blunt, raw, truth.

He is also my sister’s ex-boyfriend.

One thing you should know before you judge me;

I saw him first. I craved him first. I loved him first.

Eleven years later, he waltzed into my life, demanding a second chance.

Dean Cole wants to be my bronze horseman. My white knight has finally arrived. Hopefully, he isn’t too late.


They say the brightest stars burn out the fastest. They’re right.

She sets my mind on fire.

All smart mouth, snarky attitude and a huge heart.

In a world where everything is dull, she shines like fucking Sirius.

Eleven years ago, fate tore us apart.

This time, I fucking dare it to try.

Getting to her is a battlefield, but man, that’s why they call me Ruckus.

Rosie LeBlanc is about to find out how hard I can fight.

And conquering her will be the sweetest victory.

L.J. Shen resides in sunny California with her husband, son, chubby cat and wild, wild dreams.

Her passion is to write badass stories, sushi, UFC and her awesome family and friends (not in this order, though. Obviously, sushi comes before writing. Oh, and also the family part.)

She spend the first half of her twenties traveling the world and is now paying all the fun with extra shifts in front of her MacBook. Feel free to contact her on her Facebook page. She loves to hear from her readers.



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