Review: Down in Flames

Title: Down in Flames

Series: Silver Tongued Devils Series #1

Author: Samantha Conley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 21, 2017

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Normally, I duck and dodge rock-star romances like I would contract a communicable disease from reading one!! However, the blurb for Samantha Conley’s Down in Flames had me immediately intrigued.  Plus, the cover tremendously appealed to me so I grabbed the chance to experience this author’s work firsthand for the very first time.

All I can say is that Samantha Conley did not disappoint in any way, shape or form because Down in Flames owned me from the onset!!!  This book about a rock star, his best friend and the young woman who he falls in love with touched so many parts of my spirit!

I felt so many different emotions while reading this love story!!  There are twists and turns that will leave you stunned by the author’s incredible talent; she weaves a terrific, breathtaking tale of friendship and heartbreak that is filled with incredible sexy times, betrayal, unrequited love and so much passion and fire that I had to literally fan myself!

Down in Flames went straight to my head like a glass of high-end whiskey!

EVERY fan of rock-star romance should read this harrowing, deeply emotional yet infinitely fulfilling story of finding love in unexpected places and taking chances to find happiness!!!

I felt like I experienced the highest of highs right along with these characters when love made them feel like they were flying and literally walking on air!  In the same breath, I felt like I fell to the deepest of lows when unexpected circumstances and poor decisions brought them down to their knees. This author made me literally feel their pain, and that alone is a tremendous accomplishment for an avid angst reader like me.

I do not want to ruin this story by saying anymore, but trust and believe that I am now hopelessly hooked on Samantha Conley’s work!!!  I am nearly going through withdrawals waiting for the next installment of the series!!  One may try to find fault with Samantha Conley’s new release, but I doubt that anyone could find one!  Down in Flames is moving, surprisingly poignant and a deeply pleasurable reading experience!


That is this Naughty Girl’s final word.

Overall:  5/5 rocking, flaming stars!!!

Heat:  🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/5 all-consuming, burning flames that rocked my world!

“The author rocked this rock star romance!” – Erotic Romance Book Blog with Sandy

“I love MC romance and this book is no exception” – Shakespeare’s Wench Book Blog

“This is a fun, humorous, and quirky story, which has me hooked and enthralled throughout.” – Wendy’s Book Blog


Kristen Daniels worked hard for her career, and when her dream job came to fruition, a sexy rock star won her heart. But one night changed everything, shattering the perfect life she thought she had, and she begins to doubt everything.

Brett Ingles is on top of the world. His band, the Silver Tongued Devils, is quickly rising to the top, playing sold out shows and topping the charts, and he has a beautiful, smart fiancée to share it all with. Until he makes the mistake that rocks his world.

Derek Calloway is a loyal friend—the one you can depend on. He’s following his dream of playing in a rock band with his best friend, but what happens when he falls in love with the girl who should be off limits? Battling his emotions day in and day out is like a two-ton weight on his shoulders, but is giving in to them worth losing everything—is she worth losing everything?


I’m just a small-town Texas girl who loves her husband, kids and the Dallas Cowboys. I spend most of my free time, what little there is between work and kids, reading almost anything I can get my hands on. I was inspired to start writing on my last birthday after I attended my first author signing event. On a wing and a prayer (and a swift kick in the ass from my best friend), I wrote my first novel. Now, I am hooked on writing and can’t type fast enough for the voices in my head or my best friend.

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