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Marie Garner’s Miss Hollywood was such a quick, refreshing and fun read.


I **love** reading novels about forbidden romances that occur between the hero or heroine and their best friend’s brother. The quagmire is infinitely appealing, particularly because it is often considered taboo to encroach upon sacred ground, especially when a love interest has indirectly been declared “off limits.”

Will they or won’t they act on their desires?

That is the question that reels me in and fuels my interest every single time. When it comes to these types of romances I am like a fly lured into the spider’s web or the unfortunate fish that wonders his way into a fisherman’s net.I simply cannot resist the lure, and that is the very reason that I was so excited to read Miss Hollywood.

Another Fact:

Marie Garner did not fail to reel me in with this lovely story about two people with kinetic chemistry and insecurities that threaten to diminish the flame that burns between them.  In fact, she delivers a tale that is sweet, thought-provoking and guaranteed to thoroughly satisfy you yet it will also drag you through the emotional wringer in the same breath.

One of the most welcoming aspects to this novel is that the heroine, Clare Martin is the so-called “it-girl” in Hollywood; typically, it is the hero that is on the receiving end of the adulation that comes along with all that the fame associated with Hollywood implies.  This unique, imaginative and fresh take on the heroine’s celebrity greatly appealed to me.

And I adored Alexander’s character. He is troubled and imperfect and he makes his mistakes but when it comes to Clare he is wide open with his feelings, whether he intends to be or not. He is strong, loyal and incredibly fascinating due to his turbulent family history and his struggle with addiction. There is an inherent sexiness about vulnerable heroes, and the author showcases this well throughout the novel.

The romance between Alexander and Clare shines brightly in spite of the obstacles that threaten to extinguish their spark.  They are thrust together in a set of extenuating circumstances that force them to acknowledge their attraction and address the passion that has ignited between them.  However, deception and undisclosed truths threaten to obliterate their newfound happiness.

Allow me to be perfectly clear: Miss Hollywood is like an amusement park ride.   Yes, I was more than ready to dive in headfirst and I was prepared for everything that would come along with the joyride.  When it was over, I was ready to jump right back in and experience the journey over and over again.

Can Alexander and Clare’s love affair survive the stumbling blocks and hurdles that they encounter as they race towards true love?

READ IT because I recommend Miss Hollywood to anyone who likes pleasurable love stories that will leave the heart warmed and invigorated due to a book’s transcendent highs and heavenly, intoxicating moments.  It will light you up with euphoria and leave you grinning from ear to ear!

Thumbs up for Ms. Garner’s latest release!!!

And that is my final word.

Overall: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 + 1/2 🌟 S

Heat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥


About Miss Hollywood (The Misses Trilogy- Book 3)

Clare Martin has spent the last ten years in the spotlight, becoming Hollywood’s It Girl. On the surface her life looks perfect, but in reality she’s faltering. And the last person she expects to provide any relief is her best friend’s brother, the man who’s been tying her in knots for months.

Alexander Richards has paid the price for every single mistake he’s made. He makes no excuses for what he’s done, and wants nothing more than to find some peace. But that may be impossible since he has to help the woman who’s been driving him crazy since he moved to California.

Thrown together in the middle of nowhere, there’s no way to deny the attraction that burns within them. But how can they build a future if they can’t address their own insecurities? And what happens when secrets and lies from the past threaten to pull them apart?



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Marie Garner is a North Carolina girl who grew up in Piedmont and attended college in the mountains of Cullowhee, NC. She graduated with a degree in Social Studies education, and spent several years spreading her love of history and political science to young minds.

Her nose was stuck in a book since she was little, and she spent years writing down all the crazy ideas floating in her head. She has published the first two books in her trilogy, The Misses Trilogy, with Miss Hollywood slated for release in Fall 2016. Her writing explores the complexities of relationships, something she’s all too familiar with as part of a large, crazy family.

When she’s not locked in her writing cave she can be found cheering on the Washington Redskins or watching The Walking Dead, and thinks there’s nothing sweeter than a cold Diet Coke.

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