Review: Blood Flows Deep

N. Isabelle Blanco’s Blood Flows Deep spins an entrancing tale of love and war that dominated my thought process, controlled my emotions and enthralled my senses. At the heart of the novel are Dyletri and Imani, an unfortunate pair of lovers who are surrounded by Gods and Goddesses and influenced by Fates and prophecy. The events that occur in this novel are unlike anything else that I’ve experienced while reading romance or erotica; the storyline is truly original, reminiscent of age-old tales in Greek and Roman mythology.


Make no mistake about it: Blood Flows Deep solidifies the fact that N. Isabelle Blanco is truly a literary force to be reckoned with. After reading this revamped version of Blood Flows Deep in the Empire I can confidently state that the author is among the most exceptional, distinctive, and spell-binding authors in the genre.

Certainly, N. Isabelle Blanco is by no means a novice when it comes to publishing unique works that invigorate the imagination and spawn heart-felt emotion in the reader. From the jump, I was intoxicated, mesmerized by the premise of this fascinating novel.

Blood Flows Deep blew my head off, in a very good way.

The two main characters find themselves in a quagmire of epic proportions. Dyletri, the God of lust makes a deal with the fates to sacrifice Imani in order to resurrect his long dead love, Dimithinia. If he reneges on the deal, unparalleled death and destruction will befall Earth and the beings that are unfortunate enough to inhabit it. This premise drew me in from the prologue of this amazing novel; I was curious as to how there could possibly be a positive outcome to the story when Ismani and Dyletri had seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against them.



BFD to useThere is no doubt that N. Isabelle Blanco is an incredible writer. The snarky delivery of some of the lines pack a powerful punch that resonate with the reader. Also, she does a tremendous job showcasing the otherworldly beauty of the alternative universe that she has created.

As an added bonus, the hot supernatural sex holds a sensual appeal that no mortal woman could hope to deny. N. Isabelle Blanco writes sexual chemistry like no one else. There are instantaneous sparks between the hero and heroine from the start. Their attraction is a sickness, an out of control wildfire that blazes uncontrollably and makes them vulnerable to the heat that arcs between them. This is why I love it when N. Isabelle Blanco does paranormal; she creates powerful sexual connections between her characters that can never hope to *be* normal. And when Dyletri and Imani finally come together the union is nearly violent in the essence of its powerful energy. The love scenes are downright sinful and definitely arousing. They were so good, they had me looking slap crazy while I was reading!  😍 😍 😋 😋 😉 😉

Oh Dyletri! Take me NOW Lawd!!! *Sigh*

However, it’s the strength of the characters and the fortitude behind the premise of the novel that grabs and maintains the attention of the reader. From the onset of the novel we discover that Dyletri has a body built for sin and a face befitting the God of lust. I was completely held hostage by his sexy persona. I wanted to lock Dyletri up in my pussy prison and never let him out! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

This smoking hot God of a man earned a life sentence, aka no hope for parole!

In spite of all of that it’s Imani that truly captured my heart. She is brave, tough and a kick ass fighter. You can’t help but root for Dyletri and Imani to overcome the obstacles stacked against them and receive their well-earned happily ever after.

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review, and I completely fell in love with this book! Prepare yourself, because Blood Falls Deep will captivate you from its first pages until its action-packed, show-stopping, satisfying conclusion. It is a dark, sexy read that left my heart pounding, my blood pumping and my girlie bits craving more.

Trust me…it is a five star read that it not to be missed!

Heat: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

★★★NOW LIVE★★★
Blood Flows Deep (Ryze #1)
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